A Note for the Nit-Pickers

A note for the nit-pickers: it may be argued that I've stretched the definitions of both "Disney" and "villain" in certain cases here, and I call blogger's privilege. Some purists may object to the inclusion of Pixar characters, but I think far more will be disappointed by their omission. There are no Marvel (with the possible exception of Big Hero 6), Star Wars, or Muppet characters. That would be stretching things too far. Also, yes, some may say that some of the characters are too nice to be here, for example: Mr. Smee may seem like an okay guy on the surface, but he's still made some questionable decisions when it comes to the company he keeps, so for the purposes of this blog, he, and others like him, do not get a pass. Neither do villains who redeem themselves or reform. If you still feel like picking at my nits, I advise you to step back, relax, and check back tomorrow. Remember that, first and foremost, this is for fun. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pete, aka Pegleg Pete

First Appearance
Alice Solves the Puzzle (1925)


Other Appearances
Alice Wins the Derby (1925)
Alice's Tin Pony
Alice's Spanish Guitar
The Ocean Hop
Rickety Gin
Harem Scarem


Rival Romeos (1928)
Oh, What a Knight
Sagebrush Sadie
Ozzie of the Mounted
Steamboat Willie
 Gallopin' Gaucho (1928)



The Barn Dance (1929)
The Barnyard Battle
The Cactus Kid (1930)
The Chain Gang
Traffic Troubles
The Mad Dog


Mickey in Arabia (1932)
The Klondike Kid
Barnyard Olympics
Building a Building
  The Mail Pilot (1933)
Shanghaied (1934)


The Dognapper (1934)
Two-Gun Mickey
Mickey's Service Station
Moving Day
The Worm Turns
Officer Duck
The Riveter
Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip
Symphony Hour
Donald Gets Drafted


The Vanishing Private (1942)
Sky Trooper
Bellboy Donald
The Old Army Game
Trombone Trouble
Two-Gun Goofy
The New Neighbor
Canvas Back Duck
The Lone Chipmunks


Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983)



 DuckTales (1987)
 Down and Out With Donald Duck  (1987)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)


The Prince and the Pauper (1990)
Goof Troop
Goof Troop Christmas (1993)
 Bonkers (1993)Runaway Brain (1995)
 A Goofy Movie (1995)
 Mickey Mouse Works (1999)
 Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas (1999)

 An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000)
House of Mouse (2001)
Mickey's House of Villains (2001)

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004)
 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006)

Mickey's Adventures in Wonderland (2009)
Mickey Mouse (2013)
Get a Horse! (2013) 


Billy Bletcher
John McLeish
Will Ryan
Arthur Burghardt
Jim Cummings

Original Animators
Walt Disney
Ub Iwerks

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